Acute pharyngitis in newborns help Zithromax

The symptoms of pharyngitis and methods for diagnosis

Every parent worries about their child's well-being. Childhood diseases are inevitable. In this way is formed immunity. Often kids have to deal with such disorders as acute pharyngitis. Symptoms and treatment (in children), this disease will be presented to your attention in this article. You will learn features of the disease. Also find out which tools in any given situation are the most effective in the fight against this problem drinking on antibiotics.

Symptoms and treatment of this disease in children will be described hereinafter. Before that, it must be said about the disease. Pharyngitis - an inflammation of the mucosa of the larynx. It is accompanied by a strong edema and weight of the unpleasant symptoms. In children, the incidence peak age from 3 to 10 years. During this period, the children attend schools, which marked a large crowd of people. However, there may be ill and young children.

Doctors divide the disease into several types. The most common strep throat. The symptoms and treatment of children and adults are similar in this case, enough. Less common chronic form of the disease. Also pharyngitis is characterized by the nature of their origin. It can be viral, bacterial, allergic, traumatic or fungal pathology. Each species, in turn, may be catarrhal, granulёznym or atrophic. If you go to the doctor, the doctor must tell you about what has strep throat symptoms (and treatment). Children 2 years and under therapy will be painted in detail. It is necessary to strictly observe all instructions pediatrician.

The symptoms depend on the type

What is strep throat symptoms and treatment for children? pathology correction depends directly on the existing symptoms. Appointment of any drug should be doing after specialist conducted a survey. It should be noted that the main symptoms the doctor can determine the type of pathology. Thus, chronic form almost no clinical symptoms. While the symptoms of acute pharyngitis pronounced. Much depends on the nature of the disease. Consider the main signs that indicate that strep throat has begun in the child.

Fever is always accompanied by extremely acute stage of the disease. In chronic pharyngitis this symptom is not observed almost. Level thermometer may show the mark of 37.5 and 38.5 degrees. Such phenomena often accompany strep throat. Symptoms and treatment of children at a temperature appropriate

Do not apply in this situation, folk remedies, because they can not only help, but also aggravate the situation. To reduce the temperature and eliminating fever, doctors are advised to use preparations based on ibuprofen or paracetamol. The dosage of a particular drug selected according to the age and weight of the toddler's body.

If strep throat began at the child, then the child can complain of severe pain on swallowing. Often they are accompanied by dryness of mucous membranes, its insufficient moisture, swelling, tickling. Sometimes the process of rapid disease progression is supplemented with a dry non-productive cough without sputum discharge.

Doctors say that unmistakably indicate strep throat symptoms. And treatment in children with folk remedies in this case is permissible. It should pay particular attention to the baby's sensitivity to certain drugs. If you prefer a standard medicine, the specialist will appoint to your chubby little boy drugs, relieving unpleasant symptoms. This can be rinses, pastilles and absorbable variety, attenuating mucosal medications.

Additional symptoms of the disease

You already know what is usually strep throat symptoms. And treatment of children by the relevant drugs. Typically, antipyretic, emollient, anesthetic and other medicines. However, the disease may also be accompanied by other signs. They appear not always and not at all. But they are worth remembering:

1.Otitis and evstahiit. If swelling of the larynx begin to move to the auditory tube, the baby may complain of nasal ears and reduce their sensitivity to sounds. Later begins the inflammatory process. Therefore, if the observed deterioration of health, there is a pain in the ears, repeated fever, then we can talk about the accession of a bacterial infection.

2.Lymphadenitis - is increasing and swollen lymph nodes. If there is such strep throat symptoms, and treatment in children (antibiotics) should be adjusted properly. Folk remedies, most likely, there will be powerless. When lymphadenitis which has arisen due to pharyngitis, often inflamed neck lymph nodes, with a clear structure. But there may also be affected occipital and submandibular, which rarely pay attention.

Causes of disease

The main reasons for the development of the disease are breathing in polluted air. Therefore, most of the diseases suffered by children living in large, densely populated cities. In case of contact irritant to the mucous membrane starts instant reaction, which is accompanied by the symptoms described above.

Also, strep throat in a child may develop on the background of the infection. The most common is a viral pathology. Transmitted disease is by air or by direct contact. It is also possible to become infected and bacterial pharyngitis. Less commonly, there is an acute form of fungal type. Ill possible without external influence. pharyngeal mucosa inflammation may start because of the location close to the source of infection: dental caries, rhinitis, sinusitis, or sinusitis.

Prevention of pharyngitis in children

In order to strep throat in children, the treatment of which takes a lot of time, as little as possible interfere with your plans, your child must be provided certain conditions. In order not to provoke the disease, it is necessary to monitor the purity of the air in the room.

Smoking next to the baby often becomes a cause throat irritation, so it should be banned. You should also avoid places full of smoke, in the air there is a suspension of fine dust, cement, lime, chlorine and other corrosive chemicals that often cause irritation and inflammation.

Staying in a room with very dry air-conditioned, with central heating can also cause a sore throat, so it is advisable to use special moisturizers that reduce the risk of inflammation.

For this child need to maximize mobility, not coddle him, leave to sleep in the open air, to feed it properly. Feeding a child must be balanced, and the food is rich in vitamins and minerals. If possible, the baby should be more likely to take out to the sea or to send to the country - to the country or to the grandmother in the village. If your child is prone to allergies, you need to provide him with maximum protection against pollen and other allergens. In this case, the frequency of the disease is minimal.