Avodart drug treatment for prostate

Avodart, instruction manual which have to be examined before use is permitted for the treatment of prostate pathologies. This medicine is great for getting rid of benign adenoma body of moderate and severe stages. Let us consider the basic aspects of a medical device, its indications, contraindications, side effects while taking.

The composition and properties of tablets

The composition includes the active agent capsules dutasteride (500 mg), in addition, auxiliary components - mono-diglycerides of caprylic or capric acid, butyl-hydroxytoluene. The coating comprises gelatine, glycerol, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, lecithin and medium chain triglycerides.

Avodart - a drug related to inhibitors of metabolic processes of the male sex hormone testosterone to dihydro-testosterone avodart-dutasteride.com. The hormone promotes the proliferation of benign (hyperplasia) of the prostate. Reduced testosterone metabolite concentrations after the second week of the regular administration of the drug, as required by the instructions for use, provides a significant (up to 10 times) reduction in the amount of dihydrotestosterone in the blood.

After a year in patients who used Avodart in standard dosages, a general decline in the level of dihydrotestosterone is at the average data of medical research, 94%. Accordingly, the level of testosterone in these men increased.


After oral administration the maximum concentration of dutasteride already achieved after 1-3 hours in plasma. Almost entirely associated proteins. The bioavailability, according to clinical studies, approximately 60%.

Permanent therapeutic concentration of the active ingredient Avodart funds established only six months after initiation of therapy. Remains of the drug are found in semen, prostatic secretions. The urinary metabolites are found in small amounts. After the therapy the drug remains in the plasma up to six months.

Influence of pathological processes in the kidney medication distribution processes is not known. Respectively, such that the disease does not affect the absorption Avodart as found in the urine consistently small amount of preparation. This suggests that these patients did not change the standard dosage required.

Special instructions for use

Objectively evaluate the positive changes in the body can be, if the patient is taking Avodart for at least six months. The first effects from the observed already after a few weeks of starting treatment. In such cases, it is strictly forbidden to interrupt treatment; it is necessary to carefully follow all recommendations of your doctor. This also applies to those cases, if the patient is taking the drug analogues.

With care prescribe a drug to patients with renal insufficiency. This is due to the fact that the influence of Avodart with renal insufficiency has not been studied. In severe cases, the medicine may lead to poor health. The same is observed in patients with initial signs of liver disease of various etiologies.

It is known that an active drug is absorbed through the skin. Pregnant and nursing women and children should avoid interaction with pills. If this happens, the hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water.

Some evidence suggests that the incidence of heart failure in patients applying Avodart long, was slightly higher. And we are talking about the period of application exceeding 4 years. The risk of serious cardiovascular disease in patients is greatly enhanced as a result of the combination of Avodart and Tamsulozida.

Before treatment it is necessary that the doctor made a digital examination of the prostate gland; such diagnostics periodically repeated after six months. Patients should do a blood test for PSA every six months of therapy.

The results of prostate treatment

According to independent studies, Avodart in most cases give sustained improvement. It reduces the risk of acute urinary retention in the vast majority of patients. It was possible to achieve stable cessation of progression of the disease and a further increase in size of the prostate.

Patients going sustained improvement of urinary tract health. miktsii speed while significantly increased. All these positive effects patients reported during the two years of treatment.

The drug has an effect on male fertility. Six months after the start of the reception means indicators of semen in men improved slightly. However, clinical studies on the effect of dutasteride on the man's ability to fertilize at this time carried out enough.