Bladder infection in women with Amoxil

All of a Bladder Infection

The cause of inflammation in the bladder are bacteria, which are the representatives of streptococci, staphylococci and E. coli. Cystitis is an inflammatory pathology can also be triggered by sexual infections.

Infection of the bladder can occur in men, women and children, but it most often affects women, because their urethra is not just a little long, but he himself is quite wide, so the penetration of bacteria there are no obstacles buy amoxicillin 500 mg.

Getting into the vagina, the bacteria quickly move through the urethra into the bladder itself, and already there to cause inflammation.

The infection can occur in three common ways. In the first case, the feces get on the urethra with non-compliance with hygiene measures when the mop after a bowel movement in the direction of the back - forward. In the second case, the bacteria penetrate the injured areas of the urinary channel. Injuries often obtained after operations. And the third case of infection - is the introduction of the catheter. It called cystitis inflammation of the bladder, when the small-sized ulcers formed on his mucous.

There are additional reasons that trigger the appearance of cystitis, but they apply to a certain category of people. During pregnancy, the uterus presses on the bladder, causing a stagnation of urine. Such stagnant urine is an excellent breeding ground for infection.

Even sexual intercourse can affect the development of cystitis. During the duration of sexual intercourse as a result of the opening of the urethra friction appear mini-injury, which later become "a haven" for bacteria.


The infection getting into the bladder can not be taken lightly, because it provokes an inflammatory process, accompanying its characteristic symptoms. The most common symptoms are quite frequent urination, which in this case is accompanied by sharp pain and a strong burning sensation.

Due to the presence of infection urine becomes fetid smell unpleasant, it becomes too muddy because progressive infection without adequate treatment promotes the formation of purulent process.

Sometimes blood in the urine of an impurity is present. The presence of blood due to the fact that the infection is very irritating to the mucous membrane of the bladder, gradually "eroding" its inner wall, resulting in thinning tissue causing severe bruising.

Strengthening infection also triggers actions spazmoobraznye lumbar pain, patient body temperature rises.

After going to the toilet is not a feeling of complete emptying of the bladder. Older people may experience incontinence and constant drowsiness. In a state of neglect may appear fever, and nausea.

Ignoring the symptoms, not the recourse to medical personnel leads to the infection that affected the bladder begins to climb higher. If at this point, nothing will oppose it, the inflammation spreads to confidently and kidney, causing no less dangerous disease - pyelonephritis.

In laboratory investigations take urine and blood tests. Complete blood count such obvious indicators of cystitis does not show. However, you can find out thanks to the results that in the body there is an infection caused by inflammation. A urinalysis to determine the clear signs of cystitis.

So, in the urine detect bacteria, pus, epithelial cells of the bladder, which gives every reason to establish the diagnosis of cystitis. Proof of this is the large amount of urine leukocytes and erythrocytes.

After the general analysis of urine indicates the presence of disease, a doctor for further diagnosis appoints conduct urine test Nechiporenko, which is held on special technology, special counting chamber, carefully observing certain requirements to collect midstream urine.

Failure to comply with the rules of the collection can greatly skew the results, which will lead to an incorrect diagnosis. Modern medicine can offer several rapid methods that allow a short period of time to obtain information on the composition of urine. Using a rapid test or indicator in strip form, the data obtained in the presence of nitrite urine protein and leukocytes.

Leukocyte esterase reaction to determine the presence in an organism not just infection and suppurative process already. The most common tool is cystoscopy examination when using a cystoscope inspect all parts of the urinary system.

Unfortunately, the use of a cystoscope is contraindicated when the patient is determined by the acute form of cystitis. Also cystoscopy carried ultrasound, biopsy and uroflowmetry.


Just very recently, doctors began to actively recommend the use of cranberry juice for those who have seen the signs of cystitis. And can be consumed by those who is predisposed to such disease.

Cranberry juice contributes to a significant oxidation of urine, also create such an environment in the bladder, in which the infection can not exist. The cranberry juice contained another special material which does not allow any infection foothold on the wall of the ureter and bladder, whereby the risk of inflammation is reduced to zero. For colds, many are too addicted to taking tablets, aimed at narrowing the vessels.

These pills provoke a similar narrowing of the bladder neck, so that the urine is much worse consequence of it, the result is a stagnation of urine, which is a direct "stepping stone" to the development of the inflammatory process.

It is important to drink plenty of water daily. First, it allows you to flush out all the unnecessary, and secondly, it causes the bladder to support increased activity. In this state, it is easier to deal with penetrating infection. But the mistake of drinking too much fluid, exceeding the norm by several times.

These actions lead to stretching of the bladder and decreasing its function, including urinary. Under a total ban is the use of alcoholic beverages. The organization of proper treatment recovery period is fast, because the bladder mucosa has an amazing ability to completely return to normal within three days.

In cystitis the physician is required to appoint the antibiotics that are able to actively fight the infection. The patient is very important to comply with bed rest and a special diet in which prohibited sharp, fried, fatty, spicy foods, coffee. It is very useful to make alkaline water, jelly, vegetables and dairy products.