Causes of male disease

Many men try to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and if possible not to hurt the male infectious diseases. All of their illnesses - from nerves, neglect their health and elementary ignorance. Men's illness forced the stronger sex to go to great lengths just to regain their health. How to behave in such a situation, man, you need to know about the insidious disease?

Currently, physicians are increasingly modern men diagnosed in "Syndrome X», which includes, besides atherosclerosis and diabetes, sexual dysfunction brand cialis fast delivery. The bodies forming the male reproductive system, sometimes have malformations affected diseases.

Diseases of male genital system associated with a reduction in the formation of total and free testosterone. Male infertility arises:

  • in the event of stress in the patient's life;

  • as a result of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking;

  • in violation of hormonal background.

It was found that all male diseases can be divided into several groups:

  • diseases associated with the appearance of inflammation in the tissues;

  • Pathological changes in the structure of the genitals;

  • tumors in the organs of the reproductive system;

  • damage to reproductive organs as a result of injury.

Symptoms of the disease observed in young and elderly men in equal proportions. Reasons for their formation are associated with lack of exercise, poor environment, promiscuity in sexual relations, poor nutrition, and self-medicate. In many cases, men form of the disease in childhood.

A visit to a urologist for men - it is very difficult, delicate. Therefore, infectious diseases of the genital organs is often difficult to therapy due to habituation of the pathogen to chemotherapeutic drugs. Failure to timely diagnosis and treatment of difficult therapy of inflammation and destroys men's health.

The diseases associated with the violation of the structure of the genital organs

It is important to recognize the disease: in young children is often a doctor will diagnose a violation of the formation of the penis. In time begun treatment eliminates any pathology. The most common are the following changes in the structure of the genital organs in men:

  • hypoplasia of the testes;

  • cryptorchidism;

  • edema of the testes;

  • cyst in the spermatic cord.

The penis with the vice of a shortening of the urethra posterior wall. First of all, when a pathology constriction formed therein and valves. One of the violations in the structure - narrowing of the opening of the foreskin (phimosis). Numerous defects in the structure of the reproductive system does not allow men to perform their main function - to reproduce. More subtle changes in the anatomy of the male organs can serve the cause of inflammation and disharmony in the sexual sphere.

When phimosis there are numerous symptoms disturbing the patient:

  • difficulty in urination;

  • filling urine foreskin;

  • difficulty in outcrop head.

The cause of the disease is non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene and substandard treatment of inflammatory processes.

Men often seen hydrocele, in which fluid accumulates between the egg shells. The disease is formed as a complication of trauma, or as a consequence of the inflammatory process in the working-age population.

Baby hydrocele occurs when malformations of sexual system of the child. Very often during the inspection of the external genitalia doctor detects an increase in the scrotum. Symptoms appear as difficulty excretion of urine.

In adult male hydrocele contributes to abnormalities in the genital area, decreased physical activity. Functional disorders observed in the patient's body. The disease can be treated using surgical methods. Self-medication with warming compresses generalization leads to an inflammatory process, increase in the amount of exudate.

If cryptorchidism in male testicles do not descend into the scrotum. They may be placed in the abdominal cavity or occupy a certain position in the groin. For the treatment of disease in men using therapy with the use of funds restorative action.

Used drugs that speed up the process of formation and development of the tissues surrounding the testes. Treatment up to 12 years of age can be operational, otherwise require emergency surgical care at BLOAT infringement or eggs.

Open and closed changes in the sexual integrity of the system are divided into deep and superficial. Violations of genital integrity and bruises cause men symptom of shock and severe bleeding. Needed emergency medical care to the patient.