Doping scandal at the Olympic Games in Sochi

Ancient Greece, it turns out, there is also the problem. There were also views its doping, was also a drug test buy meldonium online. The judges at the Olympics is quite simply could check whether an athlete consumed immediately before the start of the competition one of the most potent tools of the time. They had the garlic and the smell of garlic is hard to drown.

1904 Tom Hicks nearly died after taking a large dose of strychnine. Perhaps this is the first time that can be used as an argument proving the harm of doping (Hicks was a marathon runner).

In The early 1980s, Professor Valery hearth developed the dream of all sports coaches - a drug that can not be found - blood. Keep it in frozen form, and is administered athlete for 1-2 days before the competition. The main objective of such a doping - to separate the unnecessary plasma from red blood cells, which determine the oxygen circulation in the body and, therefore, the endurance athlete.

American Athlete Harold Connolly from birth suffered partial paralysis of his left hand. Nevertheless, he was able to recover and become an Olympic champion in 1956 in the hammer throw. Along the way, he laid the foundations of the new trend in - the use of anabolic steroids. He was treated for anabolics and noticed that they help build muscle.

First Case of disqualification for doping was recorded at the Olympic Games in 1968. Then the Swedish national team lost the bronze medal when blood pentathlete Hans-Gunnar Lilenvallya discovered alcohol.

At The end of 1992, the International Weightlifting Federation decided to change the scope of all weight categories, leaving them the same number. The fact is that by the time the vast majority of records of weightlifting was established with the help of performance-enhancing drugs.

One of the first victims of doping in cycling was the British cyclist Tom Simpson. He died in 1967 during the "Tour de France" during a prolonged recovery due to the introduction of amphetamines him.

Special Drugs that are considered to be doping in shooting (and archery) sometimes take the surgeons, in order to avoid shaking hands.

The Racetrack Bogota, one of the horses right from the start took a frantic pace and came to the finish line first. Judges suspected something was wrong, but the drug test did not show anything. However, doping is still used: it was placed under the saddle a piece of dry ice.

Obscheizvestno That participants in sports events need to pass a drug test. But according to the new regulations of the IOC for some of them, acting in disciplines that require physical effort, found another biochemical examination - pregnancy test. According to the new regulations of the IOC to act in disciplines that require physical effort, pregnant prohibited. Pregnancy due to hormonal changes improves athletic ability. For example, squats certainly not allow, and indeed probably all lifter exercise.

Next to the professional cyclists during the night duty nurse. At five o'clock in the morning wake the athletes that they ate a big plate of spaghetti and worked on a stationary bike. After that they go to bed again. Blood cyclists so supersaturated with oxygen, that if you do not, it will simply cease to flow and the heart stops.