Especially chlamydia in men

Causes and features of chlamydia in men

Chlamydia tops the list of infectious diseases transmitted through unprotected sex. Every year in the world of this disease fall ill about 100 million people. Pathogens are chlamydia bacteria, parasites in the human body cells and destroy them. Chlamydia are neither viruses nor bacteria, they occupy an intermediate link between them. Because of this, define and cure chlamydia is much more difficult than other infections, sexually transmitted diseases.

A feature of the disease is that chlamydia can live in the body for a long time, without betraying their presence. But once a person's immune system is weakened, intracellular parasites begin to proliferate and actively manifest canadian pharmacy drugstore.

About 50% of men infected with chlamydia, at first not even aware that they are infected with this disease. This fact makes it difficult to timely diagnosis and contributes to the development of serious complications. Consequences of untreated illness in time for the stronger sex may be very grim. Chlamydia infection spreads throughout the male body and contributes to the development of prostatitis, impotence, infertility, epididymitis, proctitis (during infection through the anus), oftalmohlamidioza (due to an eye infection with dirty hands), pharyngitis (oral sex).

Infection with chlamydia at sexual contacts

Causes of chlamydia in men are the same as in women. In most cases, the virus is transmitted from person to person during sexual intimacy. Many men believe that chlamydia can pick up only during unprotected genital copulation. This is a misconception, as the infection is not less successfully penetrate into the human body during anal sex and oral sex. Infection capable occur even when a man did not have an ejaculation. When using barrier contraceptives (condoms) probability of chlamydia infection is markedly reduced, but can not eliminate it completely in this case.

Guile chlamydia is that the human body does not produce immunity to this disease. Treat an illness, it can soon pick up again, if you come into proximity with an infected person. Danger chlamydial infection is present in every man, sexually active, but doctors isolated a group of people whose chances of getting this sexually transmitted disease is higher than that of all the others. These include:

  • male person, who in the past have suffered from any sexually transmitted diseases (genital infection weakens the immune system, which is why ill chlamydia becomes much easier);

  • young people aged 15 to 24 years old, sexually active;

  • sexually active men, often changing their partners;

  • Representatives of the stronger sex, ignoring the use of condoms during sexual intercourse.

Infection through casual

Infection through sexual contact - is the most common, but not the only way the infection chlamydia in men. The causes of the disease may be more prosaic: pick up an infection can be contact-household by (wearing underwear sick man, using a towel, rubbing genitals or eyes with contaminated hands). Although the probability of infection of this disease in the home is very small, but it still exists.

The most viable chlamydia remain in the human body. Once outside it, they tend to die quickly. But if micro-organisms will be created ideal conditions, they can some time to exist separately from a man. It was established that the infectivity of Chlamydia is stored on the things used by the sick person, in high humidity conditions at a temperature of 18 degrees to 2 days. To prevent chlamydia infection in the home, you need to observe basic rules of personal hygiene.

Features of the disease among the stronger sex

The incubation period for chlamydia lasts up to 3 weeks after infection. The man has no idea that caught venereal disease, he continues to live an active sex life and if at that time he had new sexual partners, infects them this unpleasant virus. The most common characteristic that can be suspected chlamydia in men are scarce clear or whitish discharge from the urethra. Occasionally discharge from the penis there are other colors, such as yellowish or greenish.

Allocation for chlamydia are not always the only sign, they may be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as increased urination, the appearance of a burning sensation around the urethra, which passes even after hygienic procedures. Men who become ill with chlamydial infections, often complain of pain and burning sensation when emptying the bladder. But it is worth considering that some people have chlamydia has no external symptoms and becomes chronic. Once the man noticed a suspicious discharge, do not need to wait for other signs of chlamydia and immediately turn to venereal diseases. If treatment is not available, it runs the risk of serious complications.

Prostatitis - an unpleasant consequence of chlamydia

Since Chlamydia is transmitted mainly through sexual contact, men are hit first thing in the prostate gland, creating prerequisites for the development of prostatitis. Chlamydial prostatitis in the medical world is a youth disease, as they suffer mostly young people who neglect the use of condoms. According to statistics, every third case of prostatitis in Russia has chlamydial origin. This disease rarely occurs in the acute form, it is usually symptoms are mild and for a long time do not cause concern men.

When prostatitis chlamydial nature Patients often complain of discomfort in the prostate gland, a burning sensation in the urethra and anus, mild pain in the genitals. Sometimes, men notice at discharge from the urethra when emptying the bladder or bowel, urethra sticking. But there are times when chlamydial prostatitis is asymptomatic, without isolating fluid and pain.

Prostatitis this type leads to pathological changes in the prostate gland and threatens human infertility and impotence. Getting rid of it can only be extended with the help of complex treatment that includes medications from prostatitis and chlamydia.