How impotence can appear at a young age

Erectile dysfunction, or in other words, impotence - these words sound like a death sentence for a man at any age.

It is proved by experts that the age of impotence in the past 20-30 years, has acquired a mass character. But the guards and that impotence occurs at a young age is increasingly

After all, a man who is unable to satisfy a woman, could not hold a full sexual intercourse, consider themselves deprived of manhood and strength. Thus deteriorates mood, thought mismatch overwhelm human reduced self-esteem, which can lead to depression. More and more patients seek care at the age of 20-35 years. But this figure is much less than the actual number of men with this problem. With this disease it is necessary and possible to fight, the main thing - to understand the causes and intelligently approach the methods of solving these reasons.

The problem of impotence is not a man finds surprise, it arises as a consequence of violations of internal balance in the body, or some kind of psycho-emotional breakdowns. Scientists have proved that impotence in men buy viagra online canada, and age is not linked. The whole reason is that the number of co-morbidities that people bought for their lives.

Wrong to assume that in 75 years all men - impotent. Age and potency are also associated with lifestyle, sexual nature, by genetic factors. So, when a person is excitable, reactive, it quickly wears out the nervous system.

It should be clearly understood that the problem of impotence is not relevant when the setback once or twice, but when it becomes a pattern. Men do not understand the reasons why relationships break, nervous.

Physiological problems. Physical impotence, which is based on cardiovascular, hormonal and neurological diseases. Thus, in diabetes, atherosclerosis suffer vascular wall throughout the body of the patient, including vessels and genitals. Deteriorating blood circulation and metabolic processes in the tissues of the penis. This directly leads to a reduction of erectile function. If you have a stroke, traumatic brain injury disrupted the transmission of nerve impulses to the cavernous bodies. Impotence occurs at an early age when hormonal disorders that tend to young developing body of teenagers.

The psychological factor. Psychological impotence develops mainly in young age. Big impact on young people starting only know ourselves, to provide adequate parental attitudes toward sex in the family. We need to understand that sexuality does not need to be ashamed of. All psychological injury to a child due to incorrect judgment of parents, may, in the future, have a negative impact.

Thoughts about the shamefulness of sexual intercourse lead to the fact that a young person can not focus on the pleasure and pleasant sensation during intercourse. Many young people are afraid to be defective man, afraid of being laughed at his partner. And it ourselves, unconsciously, doom themselves to failure. The relationship with a partner is very important. Problems with potency will overtake at constant quarrels, misunderstandings, betrayals. Build trust and strong relationship - and life will improve.

Negative effect on the potency of irregular sexual life, long-term abstinence, which is very typical of the young people. Poor effect and active change of sexual partners, which is also typical of men younger.

Smoking, alcohol, drinking potent nervous system drugs detrimental affect potency. It is proved that the alcohol level of sex hormones reduces, leading to impotence. In this case violated the moral aspects of sex.

But early impotence, with timely treatment to the doctor, is easy to correct, because in most cases has a psychological principle. And if a problem exists, examining the causes of the disease, try to correct them yourself. Failed? Consult a doctor. But do not put off until tomorrow what can be solved today!