How to get rid of depression alone

What is depression?

It happens that depression causes some unpleasant event, such as death of a relative. And it happens that this disease appears as though without a reason. In fact, there is always a reason, just that she or hidden, or a lot of reasons. For example, a person may buy zoloft online and experience depression because of the constant stress, fatigue, alcohol, family problems, lack of goals and aspirations, etc. All these things taken together can form favorable for the development of depression, psychological background.

Many may think that depression is caused by some kind of unity, not a recurring event (death of a loved one) is less hopeless case than the same disease, but provoked recurring circumstances (stress, constant nervous fatigue, personality, etc.) .

After all, sooner or later, the memory of misfortune begins to fade, and life will be filled with new meaning, new pleasures, and with it, must disappear grief and associated depression. But this is not always the case. The unfortunate event can only become "trigger" of depression for a person who due to various factors predisposed to it.

This is similar to how the draft causes the common cold in humans with weak immune systems. We can not say that only one draft was the cause of cough and sore throat. The air from the open window only provoked the disease, and conditions for its occurrence has already existed due to a weak immune system.

Even if one week a cold pass, after this man is still at risk of ill, if you fall in the rain or under the draft.

Thus, "a draft" for the appearance of depression may be some misfortune in the life of a particular individual. Like a long illness, depression can weaken the "immunity" and increase the risk of future disease.

So it was with me. I used to be very sensitive and susceptible to stress man. At one point, a lot of stress triggered my panic attacks and depression associated with them. If my psyche was more resilient and stable, I would have reacted to this situation more calmly, and she would not have caused such serious consequences for me. But I was what was ...

After a few years, I had forgotten about this stress, the memories of those events are no longer deliver the pain, I began to take it easier. But depression and panic attacks have not disappeared. Because these illnesses even more "shaken" the already painful psyche. When I forgot about that a stressful situation, I still continued to suffer from sudden panic attacks, bad mood and pessimism.

I gave this example to make a very important conclusion about the nature of depression. I believe that the most likely causes of the disease are found in man, not in external circumstances. I do not take the extreme. Naturally, there are some things that can break and cause suffering, even the strongest men. But, in most cases, depression is the result of your mental state, physical health, nerve sensitivity and features of outlook.

And some of the situation in the outside world can only run it, so why there were preconditions.

Strengthen your body.

The cause of depression can be not only in the psychological aspects of your identity. Your mental state is highly dependent on your physical health. You are unlikely to get rid of depression, if you frequently drink alcohol, smoking, chronic enough sleep and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Alcohol and other drugs (including antidepressants) give only temporary relief, but in the long term, they only aggravate the situation and increase the chance of further development of depression. Quit drinking and stop smoking.

Physical activity, sports exercises not only strengthen your body and improve physical tone, but also improve your mood, relieve fatigue and stress. Sport is a natural antidepressant. Sport allows you to raise the level of endorphins ( "happy hormone") in your brain, causing joy and euphoria.

Such a way to cheer up has no side effects in the form of depression, sleeplessness and decreased sexual function, like many antidepressants. A side effect of sport as a means of lifting the mood - a healthy body.

If you do not exercise, start to do, at least in the morning exercises and light jogging. If you run is hard, go for long walks in the fresh air. Notice how short exercises and walking improve your mood and improve overall health. Keep track of this effect, feel and remember it to your brain tied the feeling of pleasure with useful pursuits like sports.

I believe that yoga helps to cope with the great soul blues, plus they are very useful for your body. Try it!

Lack of vitamins, unhealthy foods can also greatly affect your psychological state, so try to eat properly: fewer trips to fast food, eat less junk, like sausages or chips.

Develop willpower.

The key to successfully get rid of depression - is developed willpower. Without willpower, you can not bring myself to do sports. Instead of jogging you will be home to grieve. Instead of regularly practicing meditation you choose an easier way: go to the doctor and ask him to write you a regular tablet.

Without willpower, you will not be able to pull myself together and say to myself, let me badly and you do not want to do anything, but I still get up from the bed, erase the suffering mine face and I will do something that will help me get rid of depression !

Depression is "fueled" by your lack of will, weakness and laziness. These qualities it grows and grows stronger by leaps and bounds! If you can not say "no" to your weaknesses if you can not restrain yourself when you want to complain about life, if you can not bring myself to forget about despondency when we have to work, then you will be difficult to eliminate depression.

When I began to actively fight depression (for a long time I did not take any active attempts to fight), I found a remarkable property of willpower.

I used to lay and suffered from another bout of melancholy: I did not want to do anything, I wanted only to whine and complain. At one point I realized that I needed to do. I realized that I can not go on about these desires, and to do the opposite! If, because of discouragement want to lie down and complain, you have to get up and something to do, for example, to get out of the house, to do other things. If you want to complain about the lives of others or simply to infect him with his gloom, instead of this it is necessary to stretch a smile on his face and say something nice, nice!

It is not easy at first. You receive a very strong resistance, like going against the wind of incredible power that blows your body to the opposite side of the movement. But it is necessary to overcome this resistance as there is a wonderful relief, even for a celebration! The triumph of willpower! Fear and discouragement retreat! You feel the power and control of the situation!

Willpower - one of the most effective tools that allows you to achieve great success in the struggle with depression and panic attacks and other kinds of blues. Antidepressants and other pills not only does not contribute to the development of will power, but, on the contrary, can only suppress it. After you get used to the easy solution: eat a pill - it became easier. You do not need a lot of strength and patience to throw the tablet in your mouth.

Medications do not teach you to step over themselves, through their depression, melancholy provide resistance, to develop the quality of his personality - that is so important in the fight against depression. Tablets do everything for you, weakening your ability to fight on their own.

That is why the effect is often held to the end of antidepressants - disease comes back again. And why should not he come back if you have not learned anything, if you have not raised your psychic immune system, if you have not removed themselves predictors of depression, but only just struggled with the symptoms?

If you are weak, prone to anxiety and feelings, do not know how to control their feelings, the pills you from this will not cure! You will remain the same, and with it there is a risk once melancholy.