How to lose weight by 10 kg per week

How to be slim? This question is interested in many of the fair sex. If your problem is not far-fetched, then the position is easily fixable. If not, the body will be difficult to part with the legal kilograms. Lose weight by 10 kg per week is real, if overweight is great. But this should be done sensibly.

In women, there are moments when you need to lose weight quickly in the 10 kg per week, for example, when waiting in front of any celebration, photo shoot or vacation on the Black Sea Coast. In this case, effective simple and effective diet: kefir, buckwheat, apples. They help to lose weight in a week, but the result of their short-lived buy xenical online. Go back to the old diet after the fast weight loss diet for a week to 10 kg should be gradual.

Protein diet

Protein diet helps to lose weight in a week to 10 kg per household. It is based on the increase in the consumption of meat and fish, fat and carbohydrates is limited. As a result of this particular body begins to consume its own fat reserves. Quickly out excess water, and the contours of the figure are slim. must include such products in the weekly menu:

  • 300 g of seafood;

  • 200 g of cottage cheese with low-fat;

  • 200 grams of chicken without skin;

  • 100 g veal or beef;

  • 5 proteins.

The dishes should be boiled or baked. Prohibited by-products, canned food, sweets, pastries, fatty dairy products, milk, sodas, starchy vegetables, such as carrots, beets, potatoes, sweet fruit.


Options buckwheat diet help to lose weight in a week to 10 kg. The main food becomes buckwheat. Permission is granted to add some other products in small quantities. Porridge is necessary to prepare the evening: a glass of buckwheat pour boiling water to cover the rump, leave for the night. Permission is granted to replace the water for soaking buckwheat kefir. Do not add oil, salt, sugar, spices. The day allowed to drink non-carbonated mineral water and herbal tea unsweetened.

The entire volume of buckwheat eat during the day. Last meal - up to 3 hours before going to sleep. Then if you are still hungry, allowed 2 green apple and a glass of low-fat yogurt for an hour before bedtime. Before observing buckwheat diet to lose weight in a week to 10 kg, it is strongly recommended a consultation with a doctor.


Kefir diet helps to lose weight in a week to 10 kg. The main staple food - low fat yogurt. Prohibited salt, sugar, flour products, sweets, alcohol, fatty and fried foods. As a result of weight loss improves the function of the digestive tract, increases the immune system, nervous system response gain stability, there is a blood purification of toxins, lowers cholesterol ratio.

On the day I drink 1.5 liters of yogurt, divided into 4-5 portions. On the first day to the diet adds five potatoes in their skins, in the second - 100 g of cooked chicken, in the third - 100 grams of boiled beef, a fourth - boiled fish 100 g, the fifth - fresh fruits or vegetables. In the last 2 days of diet can not be anything other than yogurt and drinking water.

Diet on the water and apples

The next version of the dietary diet helps to lose weight with the help of water per week to 10 kg. Apples are not only return the slender figure, but also enrich the body with vitamins and minerals. The power supply circuit is on a diet:

  • the first and sixth day - 1 kg of apples, bottled water, herbal tea without sugar;

  • the second and fifth day - 1.5 kg of apples, water, herbal tea without sugar;

  • third and fourth day - 2 kg of apples, sugar can be baked;

  • allowed to be added to the diet a little bit of rye bread.

To achieve ideal forms, lose weight in a week to 10 kg women try by applying a variety of diets, hoping to lose weight faster with less food intake. But sometimes it happens that a man, on the contrary, continues to gain weight while reducing your diet. And the trick is that you need to eat properly, then you will become slim. A balanced diet and exercise can help to lose weight in a week to 10 kg without dieting.

Balanced diet

Proper separation of calories between meals: 25% of calories - at breakfast, 50% - for lunch, 25% - during the evening meal.

Proper ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The daily diet should consist of 50% carbohydrates, 15% protein, 25% fat to lose weight by 10 kg. It should also consider the following: proteins for the most part should be animal fats - vegetable oils consist of 30% carbohydrates - 5% pectin and cellulose, 20% fructose, lactose, sucrose and 75% starch.

The correct counting calories - you must at least have a general idea of how many calories are in each product. Study the information provided on the labels. It will orient you to how much energy you consume daily with food. Wanting to lose weight in a week is enough for 10 kg 1000-1300 kcal.

The last principle is based on adequate fluid intake - to learn their rate, multiply your weight in kilograms by 30 mL.

How can you lose weight by 10 kg teenager without harm to health?

Teenagers lose weight at 10 kg can not be for a week, since 17 years is strictly contraindicated fasting days and strict dietary rations. Proper weight loss is a balanced diet, adherence, choosing the right foods. In addition, it is recommended to do the variety, which will accelerate the burning of fat.

Breakfast for teens can not miss, because the food is assimilated in the morning is not converted into fat, and are spent for energy. The dinner diet for 10 kg is best to eat liquid food, such as soup. It nourishes the body, does not allow to consume a lot of calories. The whole diet should be built on a large amount of protein intake as a building material for a growing body.

To lose weight by 10 kg per week, try to eat bake, boil or stew. From frying preferable to abandon altogether. Eliminate from the daily diet sharp spices, herbs, meats, canned. Salt use in limited quantities. If you want sweet, you can pamper yourself useful dried fruits or nuts. Juices from the store as refuse, better to drink fresh home.