How to lose weight in the past month at home

Fashionable cliché that you need to have the perfect body and the minimum weight are driving us into the frame, which adhere very, very difficult. I agree with almost every magazine cover, a TV screen or on the pop-up browser windows next babe is looking at us with a radiant face skin, shiny, elastic, long hair, and she was always dressed immaculately. Ah, yes: this pretty necessarily thin.

Thanks to modern stereotypes, assumed men allegedly delighted only "stroynyashek", and indeed they are lucky in life in everything: a prestigious job, a sea of fans, expensive cars and luxury homes. Given the flow of this information, the average woman gets a huge number of facilities and is set only one goal in mind: to lose weight. And quickly, easily and in the right places. But not all so simple.

Remember all a simple, but very important rule: a beautiful woman - is primarily a healthy woman. We can not say that the diet "ruin" the body, but the rapid discharge of a large amount of weight can have a positive impact on health. It is therefore to listen to the experts, such as trainers and dietitians kim kardashian weight loss pills, who in one voice say that the optimal weight loss is equal to one kilogram per week. By simple calculations we can calculate that, ideally, you can lose weight by 30 kg for the same number of days, but it is worth so much to expose your health at risk?

How to understand that the time has come to really lose weight? It's very simple, you need only look at me:

If immediately after a meal you want to sleep, or at least just lie down. You feel sleepy and tired, so you really are overweight.

If, even with minimal exertion appear shortness of breath, dizziness, and so-called "star" in the eyes, it is necessary to reconsider your lifestyle and try to lose a few kilos.

In the second half of the day and closer to the night you irresistibly drawn to the refrigerator? This may mean that the body is not working properly, making everything eaten per day in cellulite and overweight. And you only add fuel to the fire, eating another batch of "vkusnyashek".

In general drop of about 10 kg of unnecessary "ballast" in the past month is realistic. It is important to combine the selected diet, or at least a system of proper nutrition with exercise and do not give yourself indulgences.

For effective weight loss it is very important to clearly set yourself up for what you radically change your lifestyle. It is easier to move if you are not limited in terms of weight loss, but doing it solely for his own pleasure and for health. For example, a popular diet is called "Minus 60" will help to calm and reset the size of kilograms and does not limit the use of your favorite foods.

That is the meaning of the diet:

Observe the two main rules. The first - reduce the amount of servings of breakfast, lunch or dinner by reducing the plate. The second - must adhere to the diet.

So, the first week of diet you need to get rid of harmful waste products and food, as well as to take a smaller plate. Moreover, all products must be based solely on her, not next to it.

Next is train yourself to breakfast, even before the usual meal for you to have a coffee and a cigarette. Better to eat traditional English breakfast - oatmeal, yogurt, sandwich with chicken.

Memorize the combination of products: the most appropriate garnish for fish or meat will be rice or buckwheat. Potatoes should have separate and cook without meat soups. Pasta and flour is better to completely eliminate and avoid fried foods.

Maximum easy to be dinner. You can eat fruit, such as watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, plums or apples. You can supplement a little dinner homemade yogurt.

Limit yourself to the sweet, add each time less sugar in your tea, reduce to a minimum the presence in the diet of white bread, pasta and potatoes. And most importantly: up to 12 hours of the day are allowed to eat almost anything closer to 14-00 serving sizes should be reduced, and after 6 pm it is better to abstain from food.

How to Lose Weight 10 kg per month via a system of diet

Enough simple diet called "System" will help you lose weight without any restrictions and the loss on the part of health. Its main point is to eat in a single day is not more than 1200 calories. Given the fact that a healthy person requires about 2000-2500 calories a day, it is not so rigid framework.

To stick to the diet exactly you need to look for calorie table. Some foods and their calorie content, you can read below:

  • 1. A portion of oatmeal contains about 170 calories,

  • 2. One chicken boiled egg - 75 calories,

  • 3. Apple green - 75 kcal,

  • 4. But in banana more calories - 125,

  • 5. If you eat a bowl of vegetable soup, then the body will get about 100 kcal,

  • 6. A soup, cooked in meat broth - it is 250 kcal,

  • 7. In one portion 140 kcal contained rice,

  • 8. Chicken fillet with a weight of 100 g - 110 kcal

  • 9. 200 grams of salad from fresh vegetables - 120 kcal,

  • 10. A cup of herbal tea - only 2 calories,

  • 11. A glass of yogurt contains 110 calories,

  • 12. In one teaspoon of sunflower oil has about 40 calories.

With these tables, you can plan out your menu for 4-5 meals and diet to build wisely. Remember that you will need 1.5-2 liters of clean water and regular exercise. And, of course, is to forget about fast food, sweets, alcohol and fatty foods.