Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction

Does impotence treated?

Impotence - one of the typical male pathologies, which occurs due to a whole range of reasons, including a plurality of organic and psychological factors. It is necessary to know more about the symptoms and possible ways of solving this problem, which in most cases requires a very delicate approach.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is called pathology at which disappears or interferes with the normal physiological ability of the penis to enter the excited state of erection or her strength enough to maintain sexual intercourse viagra effects. More understandable for the majority is another name for this disease - impotence.

It is worth noting that the diagnostic criteria of this disease may be blurred, because different people have different concepts of the norm. Therefore, the diagnosis and determination of disease it is important to rely also on the experience of the patient, his own feelings about your body and emotional state.

Since the occurrence of this condition is usually implicated a number of different factors, there are three main types of erectile dysfunction depending on the predominant reasons:

1.Organic impotence. In this case there is excitement, but it is not physically realized due to various physiological reasons. It is important to bear in mind that the desire of sexual intercourse in this case, is always present.

2.Psychological impotence is more correct to call it a psychogenic. In this case, the excitation does not occur due to psychological factors.

3.Mixed impotence. In this case, there are also organic and psychogenic disorders. This kind of disease is the most common, because often both factors influence each other and amplified.

When a man comes impotence? Despite the fact that this disease sometimes referred to as age-related pathologies, it can occur at any age. It should be borne in mind that at an older age on its development for the most part it usually affects the physiological factor: irregularities in the blood vessels, carrying nerve impulses. At the young age of the emergence of this disease may affect the psychological factor for the most part.


Set clear causes of impotence in men of forty years younger or older age, is quite difficult, because usually it is a complex of different factors and disorders. In general, the risk of this disease increases depending on the following factors.

1.The psychological factor. It is often the main young men to psychogenic impotence can cause permanent emotional and physical stress, frequent stress, fatigue. Life constant discomfort and stress often leads to a variety of disorders including genital area.

2.Endocrine diseases. Various endocrine pathology significantly affect the functioning of the urogenital system and the whole organism, disorders arising from endocrine reasons can cause erectile dysfunction.

3.Neurological diseases. Pathologies of the nervous system can lead to disturbances in the transmission of impulses between neurons, so that they can affect the potency of men. In this case, a physiological factor.

Diseases of the circulatory system. Experts usually distinguish atherosclerosis and vascular disease that occurs in this disease. It can lead to the development of sexual dysfunction.

Diseases of the genitourinary system. Various inflammatory processes in the excretory system and reproductive organs, tumors, damage or injury, the effects of medical interventions failed adequately may affect the development of impotence and men.


Symptoms in young people between the ages are usually the same, but it should always be borne in mind that one of the most important and influential factor is the psychological discomfort that occurs due to this condition. If the lack of sexual desire or excitement does not bother, this condition can be considered a variant of the norm. In general, you should pay attention to the first signs of impotence:

1.Reduction or complete disappearance of erectile function. In the presence of emotional arousal, physical may be completely absent or not fully arise.

2.The inability to maintain an erection for a long time during the sexual intercourse. It may simply disappear or appear premature ejaculation.

3.Reduction or complete disappearance of sexual desire. However, it should be borne in mind that this condition usually can be called negative symptoms if it is accompanied by strong emotions and severe discomfort.

Often noted that a gradual decrease in sexual activity with age is a variant of the norm, should disturb the complete disappearance of the sharp features. Also worth noting is that the absence of express sexual desire or a temporary inability to achieve an erection after constant sexual activity is the norm.

Home Treatment

If the disease is allowed treatment at home with periodic visits to the doctor. Often, the success depends on the performance of a patient. Treatment of impotence in men over fifty and over, usually takes more time and effort than young people, because there is the factor of age-related decline in sexual activity. Typically in the treatment resort to the following methods:

Eliminating the psychological barrier, psychotherapy. Sometimes quite a few therapy sessions to restore the normal state. It is also important always to fully interact with the sexual partner to overcome the discomfort.

Normalization of sleep and rest. Since impotence greatly affects the physical and emotional stress, you need to sleep at least eight hours per day, to be more active, to avoid stress as much as possible.

Proper nutrition. A balanced diet is very important to rejuvenate the body and get rid of this disease. It is necessary to include in the diet more protein products.

Pills for impotence should be used with caution, they can not be used as a cure for impotence in men sixty years since Viagra and its analogs can provoke diseases of the cardiovascular system. In other cases concerning their application should consult with a physician.

Folk remedies. The most useful in the fight against this disease folk medicine - ginger. It can simply be added to the tea, for this purpose, fresh or dried root of the plant.

There also may be added to honey and other useful in this case, herbs - sage and chamomile.

These are the basic techniques, how to treat impotence. Do not forget that against this disease there is no one universal tablet, a positive outcome is possible if the patient himself makes an effort and seeks to get rid of the dysfunction.