Ketoacidosis Januvia

Causes of diabetes in children: how the illness manifests itself in adolescence?

That is diabetes and how to deal with it every parent knows. Someone thinks that the cause of the disease has been a sharing violation. Others are looking for "secrets" in the periodic increase in sucrose parameters. Children's pediatricians are increasingly trying not to frighten, but to explain that it falls in the esophagus. Thus it is converted to glucose, "soaking" in the blood merck januvia. Output of sugar provided by the pancreas and "burned" by insulin. However, such an explanation does not provide a full answer to the main question: what are the causes of diabetes in children cause disease?

When first diagnosed, endocrinologist conducts lengthy consultation, talking about nutrition, treatment, monitoring of health status. This period is very difficult for both the child and his parents. And in this case, the cause of diabetes in children may be different. In general, the classic image of the stay has to be changed.

Insulin or type 1 is significantly different from the second type of the disease. Primarily, the difference is that the insulin produced by the body is extremely insufficient to control blood sugar levels. This type occurs in children.

Pediatricians and endocrinologists have noticed that after an illness the risk of diabetes increases dramatically. In other words, simply SARS may become a "key" for the development of pathology. When the disease is started, pancreas living cells begin to atrophy, to die. They no longer produce insulin. Naturally, the increase in blood glucose is not immediately affect the general condition of the body. For the "active" cells seeking to adapt and to accept an additional burden on himself.

This process will not last forever. And there comes a time when the amount of insulin produced is insufficient for processing of sugar. This stage is called latent. This diagnosis put endocrinologist is not a problem. It should be returned only 2 blood test before and after eating. In the first case, the blood glucose level is within normal limits, but after the adoption of carbohydrates, the rate increases.

Unfortunately, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus type 1 can not be cured. Therefore, the main treatment is to maintain the previous level of life, eliminating the risk of exacerbations. This moment occurs when cells in the pancreas completely lost and do not produce insulin. The only solution to the present situation is the introduction of insulin for life.

It was found that the main "push" to the development of the disease began to viruses:

  • rubella,

  • varicella,

  • hepatitis A,

  • influenza

  • mumps, etc.

Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus of second type different from the first in that the insulin produced by the body in the required amounts. However, it is modified and does not perform its function. Generally, diabetes is common in adolescents second type.

What provokes the development of type 2 diabetes in adolescents:

  • obesity;

  • low physical activity;

  • gorm uncontrolled reception modern-tion drugs or improper purpose;

  • various endocrine diseases;

  • pregnancy.


Ketoacidosis refers to the co-morbidities of diabetes. The causes of diabetes in children and can be the. It generally develops gradually, taking several hours to days. If you do not deal with the treatment immediately, given the acute stage leads to coma and death.

The symptoms of diabetes are most pronounced:

  • thirst,

  • urine,

  • appeared unbearable abdominal pain (cramping or around the navel. Can appear in the right upper quadrant) possible nausea and vomiting,

  • sudden loss of appetite,

  • of weakness,

  • dull headache and dizziness,

  • vision.

The appearance of the baby while changing. The skin becomes dry, there are deep cracks near the mouth and on the lips. On the cheeks blush appears. As soon as you notice a few signs - immediately address to the endocrinologist.