Male pattern baldness at an early age

Causes of early baldness

Hair loss is often troubled men after thirty-five, but when it occurs at a younger age, then it must be a good reason. Of course, such problems as cancer and chemotherapy, which is used in its treatment, and not worth mentioning, since it is a very important reason, because of which the hair will fall out exactly.

Being a young age the body is already developed quite a strong guy and hardy, so to write off the loss of hair on the wrong hair care or just plain stupid. Trichologists also is well understood, so early male pattern baldness, they explain the genetic predisposition of the organism. Quite often, genetic causes are compounded and appear at an early age under the influence of stress, poor nutrition, and drug use proscar vs propecia.

Hair loss in young men depends on the amount of dihydrotestosterone, sex hormone, which is a modified testosterone. Dihydrotestosterone even in young men accumulated in the body, namely in hair roots and prevents them from growing normally without giving nutrient assimilated in the right quantity. Because of this, there are very good reasons alopecia. Hair loss happens gradually, and the newly regrown rods look like fluff, become thin and weak.

How to start a hair loss?

If we consider the hereditary reason, hair loss in young men because of the gene occurs gradually. Sometimes, the stronger sex for a long time do not notice that they have become much less hair on the temples. To find out whether the hair loss is indeed the case in your particular case, you need to watch your wardrobe. How much hair you have left on clothes at the end of the day. If a man is sitting at home all day, and he has the ability to count the number of fallen hairs per day, it will be just great. Hair loss is diagnosed if the hair loss is up more than a hundred pieces a day.

Even doctors recommend and carry out a simple test with a mirror and a photo. Take a photo taken several years ago, where your head is shown close up and go with him to the mirror. Visually evaluate how changed the density of your head of hair over the years? If you notice significant hair thinning - refer to trichologist.

If we consider the specific loss of hair due to excessive dihydrotestosterone, his doctors called "male pattern baldness" or "androgenic alopecia." This type of hair loss occurs 95% of all cases of baldness in men of all ages. First raised the hairline on the forehead, you will notice the appearance of the so-called "widow's peak". Thinning hair on top, then the entire upper part of bald scalp. Often, the hair remains intact only on the sides and at the back, forming the shape of a horseshoe.

Symptoms digidrotestosteronovoy alopecia

Baldness, which began because of an overabundance of DHT, has the following characteristic features:

  • shag hairs become too thin over the entire length;

  • alopecia begins from the temples and the area is toward the top of the head;

  • instead of fallen hair start to grow thin vellus.

Get rid of androgenic alopecia is possible only after normalization of hormonal levels. In addition to medical treatment, trichologists credited and other procedures that create the necessary conditions for hair regrowth. It may designate the complex of vitamins drink, use a natural shampoo and, of course, not be nervous.

Young guys are more sensitive to alopecia begun, because of which fall into depression, which only exacerbates an already difficult situation. If youths have formed a receding hairline, it is possible to hide them by choosing a good hat, or using some sort of designer haircuts. Men older, less painful to respond to the apparent reduction in the density of hair. Some representatives of the strong become truly go to the doctor and undergo a full course of treatment, while others simply preyut shaved head and do a problem with alopecia.

How to treat androgenetic alopecia?

The treatment of hormonal imbalance definitely should do only the doctor-trichologist and his colleagues. Firstly, they must perform all the necessary tests to diagnose correctly. Secondly, if the hair loss problem really lies in hormonal imbalance, the trichologist will redirect the patient to an additional consultation to my colleagues - the urologist or endocrinologist.

Quite often, when a trichologist to treat hair loss, the doctor recommended to be tested for testosterone levels. In addition, the doctor with the help of photo-techniques photographing one square centimeter of the scalp to the balding area and considers it to monitor, count the number of hairs and assesses the quality of the epithelium. It is necessary to clarify the level of alopecia.

In addition, you will need to make the right hair care, often to be outdoors and observe the temperature regime.

All methods of eliminating androgenic alopecia developed to eliminate the cause of baldness and stimulate hair follicles to grow further.