Signs of diabetes in adolescents

Symptoms 1 and type 2 disease

In medical practice, every day faced with a diagnosis, various treatments and preventive measures. Weekday endocrinologist is complemented by the development of treatment techniques compiled by diet and constant monitoring of the results of tests. It should be noted that doctors determine the type 2 diabetes metformin 850 mg. Signs of diabetes in adolescents today are determined by a number of points, which will be discussed in this article.

This leaves the question of how to identify the disease at early stages. After all, the signs of diabetes in adolescents can sometimes applies to other diseases. Due to the exclusion endocrinologist error forced to give referrals to other specialists and conducting tests repeatedly. Only after thorough diagnosis can not determine the extent of diabetes and its type.

Causes of diabetes in adolescents

Before proceeding to the drawing up of the schedule of treatment, an endocrinologist determines the range of reasons, which served as the impetus for the emergence of symptoms of the disease.

  • Heredity primarily distinguished physician. As a rule, the mother can transmit the "sick" genes at birth.

  • Excess weight also becomes a common cause. Therefore endocrinologist recommends to monitor any fluctuations in body weight.

  • Increased frequency of simple diseases - chicken pox or rubella, influenza or hepatitis epidemic lead to the development of pathology. Viral infections are provocateurs in the blood for changes.

  • Endocrinologists also note the factor that cause diabetes becomes taking medicines.

  • Typically, pediatricians prescribe drugs that affect the pancreas work.

  • Frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially low-quality leads to glucose surges.

  • Diabetes can also be a consequence after suffering a nervous breakdown. Therefore, stress and anxiety should be excluded as much as possible in their teens.

What signs have teenagers?

Failures in the growing organism can show any abnormalities.

Therefore, seeing the first signs of diabetes in adolescents, should immediately contact the medical facility.

If guards frequent urination in a child, you have to consult a pediatrician.

The thirst that can not quench, said deviations in the blood and disorders of the body.

During the examination, the doctor examines the child and gives directions on analyzes. This is the standard type of diagnosis.

Due to the high content of the blood glucose concentration occurs dehydration.

Therefore, the doctor recommends churn thirst not clean water, as is customary, and juices and compotes.

Although appetite, weight loss occurs. This is a good reason for going to the endocrinologist.

If a teen complains of tiredness and fatigue, do not pull the time. Immediately make an appointment with a specialist and go through the diagnostics.

It is also important to find out the symptoms of diabetes in adolescents. If your child complains of heaviness and numbness in feet / hands, then immediately go to the survey.

Seizures are symptoms of the disease. Often, even the pediatrician did not immediately determine the cause of the prolonged duration of acute respiratory infections and colds. But this is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes in adolescents.

Cheerleaders doctor and parents should, and poor wound easiest scratches. Diabetics without careful care and treatment of wounds festering occurs.

However, not always immediately evident as expressed symptoms. Therefore, an endocrinologist is guided by signs of diabetes:

  • steady weight loss,

  • not passing fatigue,

  • intermittent itching,

  • part of the development of pustular disease.

Naturally, for an accurate diagnosis is required to be examined and a blood / urine tests. Of course, you do not have a time.

If you notice the first signs of diabetes, immediately write down the teen to the doctor. Earlier initiation of treatment will prevent the development of numerous diseases that accompany endocrine disease. It is therefore important to identify the deviations at an early stage.

Type of juvenile diabetes

The endocrine practice note only 2 types of disease:

The first, which occurs only in adolescents. Its development occurs at any age. This endocrinologist forced to use strong methods of treatment - insulin.

The symptoms of Type 2 diabetes are similar to those described above. This variant of the disease develops in old age. However, the first signs are observed 45 years earlier. Unfortunately, patients do not always turn to experts for examination.

Another type of disease is considered gestation. It is a disease that begins to develop during pregnancy. Subsequently, after delivery, the disease disappears. Of course, endocrinologists, and meet those with diabetes remains forever. In this case we are talking about the definition of the type of illness.