Treatment of Bipolar Disorder Buy Seroquel

What is bipolar disorder?

Along with medication, an integral part of the treatment of bipolar disorder is a continuous psychotherapy, or "communication therapy" or scientific "psychodrama". During therapy, you can discuss your feelings, thoughts and behaviors that cause problems. Communication Therapy can help you understand and ultimately resolve any issues that prevent you from living. It will also allow you to continue medical treatment, and help you cope with the effects of bipolar disorder see this website, which can affect your social life and ability to work. In addition, thanks to therapy, you will be able to improve their self-esteem.

Among the types of psychotherapy, with which you can fight with bipolar disorders are the following:
Behavioral therapy. Recreates the behavioral models to cope with stress.

Cognitive therapy. This approach assumes that the patient must learn to recognize and change the way of thinking that accompanies the mood swings.

Interpersonal therapy. It uses relationships and aims to reduce the stress caused by the disease.

Therapy Social rhythm. It allows you to enter and stick to a daily routine.

"Manic" feel anxious, energetic, talkative, reckless, powerful period of euphoria. There may be a revival of excessive or impulsive unsafe sex. Then, at some point, it may be replaced by elation darker - irritation, confusion, anger, helplessness.

The word "depression" describe the opposite mood - sadness, desire to cry, feeling of worthlessness, loss of energy, feeling of constant dissatisfaction with sleep problems.

But as the ups and downs of each person are different, bipolar disorder is a disease that is difficult to diagnose. Some people have mania or depression can last for weeks or months, even years. Other people, bipolar disorder takes the form of frequent and dramatic mood changes.

"Bipolar disorder is characterized by a full range of symptoms and mood swings, - says Michael Aronson, MD, a psychiatrist and a clinical consultant for WebMD. - Mood swings are not always occur rapidly. In fact, some people are behaving quite normally. Periods of mania can be very, very favorable. People think that everything is fine. "

The danger, according to doctors, is when the craze is increasing. "Change can happen very rapidly, and the consequences can be dire. The behavior of the patient may become reckless, he can be spending a lot of money, lead promiscuous lives, exposing the great danger their sexual health. "

Phase depression can be just as dangerous: people can attend frequent thoughts of suicide. If you or someone you know is often have thoughts of death or suicide, you should see a doctor, loved one, friend, or immediately contact the rescue service.

For human family, afflicted with bipolar disorder, the illness is also very heavy. Families of the most difficult to realize that their loved one suffers from such a serious mental disorder - said Dr. Aronson employee company WebMD. "Families easier to accept schizophrenia, it is easier to understand that this is - a disease. But if a person has periods of euphoria replaced by reckless and behavior contrary to the much greater harm to common sense, it brings it home. It's more like bad behavior, as if the person simply does not want to behave like human beings. "

If you know the description of yourself or a loved one, hurry to see a psychiatrist, as this may be the first step in solving the problem. Whether it's a bipolar disorder or other problems associated with mood swings, to be sure: now there is an effective treatment. The most important as a step towards the solution of your problem is its awareness and appeal for help.

Although bipolar disorder is more common in older adolescents and young adults, it can occur in children under the age of 6 years. Some experts believe that this diagnosis is rare and is often wrongly placed, but not all agree in this opinion.

How to help a child with bipolar disorder?

Follow the schedule of reception of medicines. You must see to it that the child is taking all necessary medications. To do this, you can use timers, first aid kits, notes or anything that reminds you of it. If your child needs to take medication at school, talk about this with his teacher or tutor - school children are not always allowed to make their own medicines.

Watch out for the manifestation of side effects. Medications which are treated using bipolar disorder experienced by adults, and, unfortunately, their effect on child poorly understood. Children are more exposed to adverse effects of some of these drugs. Ask your doctor of their children, what signs should alert you. for the control of drugs and nutrients, the Commission warns that the use of certain antidepressants increases the risk that a child would commit suicide.

Talk with your child's teachers. Sometimes, a child suffering from bipolar disorder may need special care in school. He may need additional changes to or less homework in periods of exacerbation. So you should agree with your child's teachers or principal. In some schools, the need may arise to temporarily take the child out of school, at least until such time as his bipolar symptoms stabilize.

Stick to a daily routine. My daily routine can greatly help a child with bipolar disorder. Help him to get up, to eat, to carry out tasks and to go to sleep strictly in a certain time every day. Do everything possible to ensure that the child as little as possible exposed to stress.

Think of family therapy. If your child has bipolar disorder, it can destructively affect all family members. This may increase the problems in the marriage. Other children may not understand what is happening to their brother or sister, or may be offended by the fact that he paid more attention to. Family therapy can help all of you understand and cope with these problems.

Take seriously the threats to commit suicide. Parents do not want to even think about what their child can hurt themselves. But, unfortunately, it can happen even with your child. So if your child suddenly begins to talk about what he wants to die, and his behavior becomes life-threatening, do not ignore it. Clean the house weapons and dangerous drugs. And seek help immediately.